Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pretty In Pink

What a fantastic day at the Sydney Test, everyone turned up in Pink for Breast cancer awareness, and of course England are winning thus far.

It would be great for this to be replicated one weekend in the football leagues, with all the fans, commentators, pundits all wearing Pink.

We could also have a testicular cancer day/weekend as well to balance the gender awareness issues, still wearing Pink but with white stains on.

I know Vulgar, but that's the things isn't it, Boobies are nice, everyone like Boobies, Balls get a bad rap (and for a price some Women will do that for you, I know this from the internet) If some famous actress dies this week from breast cancer, then that probably would be mentioned in the news reports, But when a famous man dies of testicular cancer the silence is deafening.

Anyway "Pretty in Pink" was not the Furs finest hour, neither was the movie "India" by far is, but I will go today for "Heartbreak Beat" for anyone who has lost a loved one to either off the above.

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