Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Great Big Can Of Worms

So the establishment really want to play victim do they?

These are the facts boys and girls, everyone (except me of course) is at it. I can tell you right now that most if not all *private detective agencies will have done it at some point. Court cases both civil and criminal will have been won and lost on it (fancy reopening a few?)

I sat in a lawyers office in 1997 and the first thing he said to me was to change my mobile number, don't leave relevant messages on it, don't give the number to people you don't the time line is a very long one indeed.

In business I've been hacked on a few occasions, I have even laid traps for people, giving false prices,quotes and meetings to see what happened..and my hunches have always been right.

So if our media savvy "celebrity culture" wishes to play with the hand that feeds, and the Beeboids and Guardianistas wish to indulge in a bit of Rupert baiting, let the circus begin, what a circus it shall be.

*Not forgetting the police themselves

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