Monday, 13 December 2010


I take a keen interest in Liz Hurley, we are both pretty much the same age. Same too for Carlos Irwin Estevez, who I share the exact date of birth and strangely enough, we were both born within 2 minutes of each other.

I on one hand, am a one woman man, I married my wife in her teens and we will soon will be celebrating 25 years of loving bliss, on the other hand my contemporary's seem to lurch from affair to affair, partner to partner probably in the mistaken belief that they are finding themselves, or finding happiness and the such like.

I worry for them, Carlos needs to quit the drugs and stop hitting women, Liz on the other hand has gone from the archetypal Englishman, to Archetypal Aussie. Via Twitter it seems. Its a good job she has kept her looks. (As you can see from the photo in the link, Australians do have better teeth at least, Tea I should imagine?)



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