Thursday, 30 December 2010

I Just Don't Get It!

This story makes you lose the will to live.

Crackdown on shisha bars to protect children from smoke

So the Plod (obviously with plenty of time on their hands in low crime Britain at Christmas) joins up with the Paper Clips from the council in order to protect the cities children from the dangers of going into Shisha bars, that are not really Shisha bars as they cant light up, which I guess defeats the point.

Paper Clip speaks "We recognise there are responsible operators providing the shisha experience in Sheffield and we are keen to work with them to provide a suitable environment where families may safely enjoy the facilities"

WTF! how can you have an shisha experience, if you cant light up? and I have to say I have not seen any peeps with pipes sitting on the roadside as I drive past the two "Shisha bars" I know.

Here is a stab in the dark, its not really about protecting the baybees, its about trying to enforce the unenforceable, wasting police time, and most of all wasting the time (and therefore that off taxpayers precious money) of an organisation that should be really trying to protect children from real dangers some children face in their lives, which thereof is being used to spin/lie the idea of "protecting the baybees"

Here is the killer line, from our Dear leader of SCC, a man who uses the label,Liberal, "It's our job to keep people safe in the bars and lounges they frequent" Nope not even close sunshine.

Now I am a non-smoker and will not be checking any off the establishments offering this non-smoking, smoking experience. This is my choice as an adult. But I wish them well in their continued struggle in trying to square this circle.

My choice is to go to the gym, a place where there is potentially much more danger, even at the one our protector in chief Paul attends.

Its quite ironic is it not that the very people who wish to treat adults like children, are reduced to sending in the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board in order to do so.

Well that's your lot for 2010, happy new year and lets hope in 2011 we might recover a little bit of sanity from the strange post modernist society we have inadvertently constructed.

And as the great Dave Allen used to say after putting his fag out on national TV, "may your god go with you" but not if he uses a water pipe obviously.

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