Thursday, 9 December 2010

European Arrest Warrant farce

The Left love all this transnational governance stuff, UN, EU ect. International brotherhood and so on. But its certainly making idiots out of them this time.

Judge Howard Riddle would like to see the evidence, but the EAW does not work like that does it? It works on the principle that every other justice system is equal in the EU and a fair trial will be given, thus there is no need to bother with such formalities as evidence at this juncture.

Maybe he should read the Daily Mail instead and he will find the evidence is not evidence at all its pure accusation. (though I have to laugh at two lefty feminist women bringing a case against a fellow traveller)

So a Spanish court could order a British national to Spain and lock them up for a couple of years before a trail is held, Great hey? And you will probably get a judge out to pursue political agendas.

The Left have spent their lives, name calling and smearing people as being little Englanders, Xenophobes, swivel eyed loons ect when these people were warning about the erosion of that little matter of national sovereignty.

In the Judicial world as well the financial and economic world the need for Firewalls is now pretty well proven beyond doubt and sovereignty is the firewall off firewalls.

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