Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cut Nicks Dick

My favourite poster/weapon of the day. "Cut Nicks Dick" I think it might be more true than the youth/student/thug who came up with it would understand at this point in their lives.

Although I am in favour of the new funding regime, I think its probably the least worst option in the circumstances. I think the "kids" have a right to be angry, minus the recreational violence of course. Mum, Dad and Gran and Granpa probably went to University free, but then again they have been voting themselves plenty of free unearned money all their lives, its the reason we are in the mess we are, its the reason they are being told they will have to pay later in their lives, and the awful truth is its not the only bill the baby boomer's have left for them.

And of course I doubt they will be plenty of of nice clean pen pushing jobs in the future, our 1.4 trillion debt will not be paid by social workers. So its real science and technical degrees we are going need in the future, we are going to have to get our collective hands dirty.

Its a bit of a shock to find that politicians say one thing and do another, I was equally outraged by the lack of a referendum on what is a much more important issue, that relating the nature of our government and its abdication and surrendering of powers that did not and still not belong to them to a embryonic EU state. I am sure the students covered that in Humanities.

Sadly intergenerational warfare seems to be with us. When they really grow up, pay their taxes, work things out and take control of things I fear they will tell the people who did not pay their way to take a hike and wipe your own bum, and if you are called Nick Clegg make sure you don't end up in a nursing home.

In defence of Nick I suggest they take their rage out on their parents, thats what "kids" are supposed to do.

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