Monday, 15 November 2010

Twilight of the Gods

So the the dominoes once again line up for the fall.

A few years (1999 I think) ago I got so wound up by the Euro that I was on R5Live (if you have a go yourself remember that they screen your views first in good old BBC fashion, I lied and told them what I really thought on air)

My view that the Euro would eventually lead to civil unrest in less than 20 years was greeted with disdain by the usual pro-euro/lefty crowd. Oona King knowingly sniggered....its was obviously the views of a swivel eyed Euro-septic ect.

So now 2010 we near the cliffs edge and I wonder which bunch of gangsters will be the first to bomb the other bunch of gangsters in Brussels/Berlin/Paris. Will the Irish who have pedigree in insurgency turn their attention to their new owners/overseers/oppressors? of will the Greeks also with good form in this area be the first, they seem to be making the running. Lets hope the Spanish and Italians stay out of the race.

In any case I believe within this coming half decade we will find out, place your blood stained bets. If and lets hope sanity and calm heads prevail, if not then the people who have advocated this monstrosity of a currency and its masters will not just have economic failure on their hands but also blood, and as such should be excluded from public life for good, along with forfeit of Pension rights.

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