Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Exorcism of Rupert Murdoch

Church of England opposes News Corp. buyout of British Sky Broadcasting.

Souls to be Saved it seems?

CoE (is)" said the church was concerned about preserving the integrity of Sky News, which competes with the British Broadcasting Corp. in the influential 24-hour television news market."


With News Corp. in full control, "here would always be the potential for the exercise of subtle editorial influence, not least in the process of selecting which news items are to be covered and which left out," McCulloch said.

Or in other words, the Plebs are like thick children and cannot work things out for themselves and as such any media with "full control" will be able to warp their minds away from our enlightened truthful ways.

Here is a thought, lets put the "dominant" theory to the test. Before Sky there was BBC, ITV, C4 and now? quite a few more I suggest.

Strange thing about the luvies, they are quick to jump on the Murdoch is evil bandwagon but their is very little praise from them for Sky Arts, which is as good if not better than anything the Beeb can put together. No doubt that other superstition they hold gets in the way, the market.

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