Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Breaking... IEA "oil $200 a barrel in 2035"

FFS! This is Disney land economics. Will the dollar exist in 2035, will China still exist? (not mad questions in both parts), or maybe it will hit $20k a barrel, maybe we will make a stunning black swan breakthrough in energy and it becomes worthless, who the F**K knows!

Two thoughts, economics (the bulk but not the whole) is still making the same barking mistakes that it did before the crash and/or a bunch of tranzie's sitting in nice offices in Paris, trying to justify their lavish salaries and lifestyles at taxpayers expense coming up with new buzz words like "New Policies Scenario".

Instead of reporting this Shite, journalists should be ridiculing it, but then again most are sucking on the teet as well. Lets see now how many Journos pointed out the risks in the banking system prior to the banks nationalising "US", how many journos pointed out he risks rising from Islamist extremism prior to 9/11. Answer Very, Very few, I can name one as far the the banking collapse goes. So as far so the two most important events of the decade goes the jounos pished it right up.

Nikhil Kumar ought to get a first seat to Paris to investigate this Bullshit, instead it passes for "News", but I suppose he does not want to be a trouble maker, as for the Tranzies, they are no better than common benefit cheats. It would be very easy to sort out, either get rid of them and/or link their pensions to their predictions.

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