Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Great British Pish Up.

Blair had a hard on for Americas, Brown had a hard on for his mates on the Clyde, the Admirals always have a hard on so the deed was done and the taxpayer was called upon to get on their knees, and CamCo are left making sure any splashes on the tiles are cleaned up and recycled.

Lets be quite clear, the decision to order and honour the previous Governments commitments to the new carriers is industrial policy not defence policy. Carriers need battle groups of about 20 to 30 ships with the carrier at the centre. But even if a Anglo French sharing agreement works, and we manage to find some planes to put on them, and some ships to protect the biggest target possible, its still a shit sandwich.

Who rules the waves rules the earth is still what is believed in the MOD, and sung with gusto by most native Brits, except it is a load of bull, we have moved on from gunboat diplomacy past stealth bomber diplomacy, and we are about to enter the era of drone diplomacy and warfare. If you wish to project your power then you do it from the air, with a guy a few thousand miles away in an office. And within 20 years is likely that drones will be fighting on the ground too, along with the robots.(no dont laugh) The future is already here.

So all you really need is a few oil tankers and or big container ships, that can be quickly converted to floating airfields in an emergency, but once again as with all military decisions you end up fighting the last war and not the next one.

What is really needed is more 1 Par type battalions who support special forces, these "ranger" type forces are the future of land based operations, they are the guys who will gather the intelligence to send to the drones and or the special forces, sending them and their kit by ship seems a bit slow to me.

I am sure the Israelis will cut us a good deal on the kit we need, the Russians know a good thing when they see one.

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