Sunday, 31 October 2010

Book Of Brilliant Things

You will be needing to add Amazon Kindle to your Santa letter, Forget about the iPad its the Kindle that is the Gadget of the year. Viewsonic are offering a great deal on the Viewpad at the moment if you still want a tablet, (299 for a duel boot pad)

I use a lot of technical manuals and papers that now no longer need to be lugged about or searched for on a laptop, all you do is get your PDF ready, email it to your kindle address and its converted and on you device in seconds.

Calibre EBook management sorts any file issues out, so dont worry too much about getting other formats onto the Kindle.

The net on it is not great, but it is work in process, the shop works a treat if they could put on a Planner and note book and maybe a quick database (pda-ify it a bit) it would be even better.

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