Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Back From the Dead

"we are in a different era, where survival is expected even in the most high risk cases" Yes we surely are and have been for quite some time.

Now and again the BBC just manages to justify its existence, and on Monday night the Horizon programme did just that, with its documentary on the incredible properties of cold and ice and its increasing use in medical science.

From bringing dead skiers back to life, flat lining a patient while they are receiving a major operation and saving new born babies in Bristol from life long brain injuries all with the wonder of cooling.

This will when *fully understood will revolutionise trauma care, and take survivability to another level, and make those crime stats even more stupid than they already are.

Horizon, Back From The Dead

* Well I say "Fully Understood" but Dr Kevin Fong actually gives a very good description of Karl Poppers falsification in the scientific method. The truth is we maybe dont have to fully understand in order to use it.

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