Monday, 9 August 2010

A Machine For Living

This BBC Documentary would have better been titled "Carry on at English Heritage" All that is wrong with these types of organisations is laid bear for all to see, as EH are caught with their egos hanging out of the front of their trousers.

The people of Sheffield (or 50k of them at least) got this right in the first place, pull the ugly French communist monstrosity down, But here is the thing, the London centric EH had much better ideas and listed it as Europe's biggest protected building.

The thing these type of people don't see, dont want to see or even cant see is that human beings are chaotic creatures who live chaotic lives and it does not matter if you try to impose collectivism on them in the 1950's or the twenty teens, its doomed to failure, people do not want to be part of a process or part of a machine. An iPod is not perfect by any measure, but its form makes it a beautiful thing to own, use and live with. Park Hill is in no way a design classic or worthy of protection. *Even the Playstation 3, makes a fantastic looking building, and the other way around.

You might succeed for a while, but when the novelty value wears off, Park Hill will go back to being a monstrosity, Raedwald has some much better ideas for housing solutions in the UK.

And thank good for the credit crunch, too much easy money makes people lazy, Park Hill is a case study.

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