Monday, 12 July 2010

Best Defence Wins (Again)

Well done Spain.

Overall a disappointing World Cup, not enough good games in the knockout round. not even a classic game you might remember in 10 years or so. All the better games were games two and three in the group stage, after that not a lot apart from Germany and Ghana, and maybe witnessing Brazil's self destruction against Holland in the quarters.

Germany played the best football, followed by Brazil, overall Holland had the most balanced side (what do you expect them to do stand there and watch the Spanish pass the ball around and clap?)

Once again, as stated earlier the world cup was won by the side with the best defence. Spain are in no way an attacking pure footballing side. They are built around the idea of stopping the other team scoring first.

Overall since 1990 as world football has become more globalised, teams can now counter skill and attack with knowledge, fitness, preparation and tactics.

If you want to see attacking football and attacking footballing sides win (and I include England in this too) then do away with one point for a draw, let draws happen but they should not count for anything. And maybe award an extra point for three goals in a game. Winning must be everything.

When games goes to extra time, then remove all players with yellow cards, When games go to penalties award 4 kicks as standard to each side, then one extra kick each to the side with the lowest foul count and most corners.

And maybe expand the World Cup format a little with the last 16 going into four groups of 4 and the winners in the semis, I think that would only add an extra 10 games to the tournament and you would get more big games, especially if you get rid off one point for a draw.

Then we might be able to get back to the pre 1990 era of attacking sides and bring about more fair play.

Like Italy in 2006, Spain played one good game, against Germany in the semi. I think we need more than that for a true champion nation. Yup lots of lovely passing and teams mad to stop them, but the way to alter the madness of the unskilled is to force them to try to win fairly by changing the context of the game.

* The technical genius that is Craig Johnson has some other useful insights.

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Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Holland tried to change the rules by kicking the hell out of Spain and it nearly worked. Think I prefer that as a rule change than anything based on statistics. 0 points for a draw is a good idea or maybe just take away the offside rule after 90 minutes.