Friday, 25 June 2010

World Cup Update

And so we reach the business end of the world cup, and since Uruguay's win over South Africa nearly every game has been good, at this rate this could turn out to be the best world cup ever, we shall see.

I think there is a reason for this, its the weather. Playing in a South African winter is playing the game in the conditions the game is meant to be played in. The games played at altitude are very different to the ones played in the Mexican summers of 86.and 70, the players are coping with it, its not an issue, the cooler conditions compensate. The game is played at a better more even pace right to the end.

My own team Sheffield Wednesday (for my sins) got their name through being a cricket club that meet up on Wednesdays in the winter to keep fit for the next cricket season. Football is a winter sport.

If FIFA want to improve this competition they need to pay more attention to the time of season it is played, for example in Europe early spring and late summer would be preferable. Its only a question moving the domestic season forward or back 6 weeks.

30 plus, and even 40 degree games like they had in the USA in 94, is not for the good of the game.

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