Saturday, 12 June 2010

Firing Squad News

Looks pretty certain Lee Gardner is heading to his fate. All the entire parole board had to be unanimous for the decision to be changed and this is Utah.

I am like Kant in favour of the death penalty, as long as its used in very rare occasions for very extreme acts where there is overwhelming evidence. Without the option the law is diminished.

I would also grant clemency in this case, he has admitted his guilt and apolgised for it, full life term should be granted.

If I was given the option of choosing my own death by execution I would choose firing squad without much thought (as long as its not a head shot, heart shot from a professional will do) the force of the impact will knock you right out, a bit like standing in front of an articulated lorry going doing 80 miles an hour, you are not going to know too much about it.

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