Monday, 31 May 2010

FIFA World Cup 2022 3D

I first saw 3d many years ago at the worlds worst theme park, The Epcot Centre, Orlando, some sort of 3d Micheal Jackson movie thingy. I only really remember it because it was so crap, it was not even memorable crap, it was just plain dull.

It left such an impression on me it took me a good six weeks of Avatar hype to get me to go and see it at Imax. And what a difference, it actually worked, I was gobbed smacked.

And now we have 3d telly on display down at Currys (you can buy one but there is nothing much to watch yet) and again, It works, its jaw dropping great, and in about 18 months to 2 years when there is some software and the hardware prices have dropped enough for me to justify getting a telly that comes in a box I cant get through the front door, I will be having one. I dont care about the silly glasses.

The current (soon to be) world cup in South Africa is shaping up to be the HD world cup as Mexico 1970 (yup I can remember it, it was my first) was the colour world cup.
The next one Brazil 2014 will probably be the 3d world cup, so where might we go after that?

Step forward everyones favourite cyber nation Japan, who plan the strangest world cup in history...

"The Japanese are even considering ways to project 3D representations of the players onto empty pitches in other countries so that fans can enjoy a virtual football match. To make the experience even more immersive for viewers at the virtual match, microphones will be installed under the pitch at the World Cup to ensure that all the atmosphere is captured." MORE HERE

...Maybe we could have virtual riots to spice things up? I bet they would have them on the Holodeck.

As good as the Japanese ideas and technology maybe, there is only one thing and one thing only, that really matters, and really will drive sales, We all know what that is dont we?

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