Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Tom Harris Comment Moment

Tom often does not publish my comments on his sanitised blog (which is his right) So I will here. Tom today thinks all the coming crap from the bill of New Labours 13 years in office is the Tories fault. He suffers from Browns BSE syndrome, Blame Someone Else)

Yup you have left a serious mess that will take quite a few years and a lot of hardship to clear up....but that's the price for "things can only get better"

But credit where credit is have succeeded in one very important respect. You have comprehensively demonstrated as a matter of recorded fact that the more you spend on public services has no baring on the quality or efficiency of those services. (and that's excluding the fake money the fake economy was producing in fake tax receipts..yup Tom the real money ran out in 2004, 4 years after you abandoned fiscal conservatism in 2000)

No Tom dont mix up technology with money, clean water and sanitation save many more lives than the NHS could ever save or extend as a prime example.

So problem no3 on your things to discuss in opposition, after off course, the Lisbon shotgun wedding and the knees up with the high priests of capitalism in the city, IS how come 60% more was spent on the NHS over your period in office resulted in a 6% drop in output?

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