Friday, 16 April 2010

The Big Fight

Ross Perot was the figure that jumped out on me last night. He was widely seen in the 1992 US election debates as the clear winner, and went on to split the US Rights vote enough to give Clinton a clear run. I wonder if the Russian aristocrat Clegg will do the same thing for the UK "Left" on May 6th.

Everyone forgets its a winner take all election.

Personally before the election I would have given the UK a 20% of a Greek style debt crisis, now I would raise that to 60%, we are still in fantasy land, 1 million- millions PLUS 400 thousand-Millions, will dictate to us our policies whether we like it or not. The politicos seem to me to be trying to get some Prozac in our system before quietly letting slip the scale of the problem.

Large parts of the public are under the false belief that we can walk away from this shit mountain with our hands clean, smelling of roses, the bond market will ensure that does not happen.
No doubt people will blame "markets" when and if it hikes the cost of borrowing for all of us, but markets are just messengers.

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