Thursday, 18 February 2010

Losing Good Friends.

Yes I know its a bit strong title, but this week ive lost both my Palm T3 PDA and my Nokia N800 to death by stupidity. I put my manbag in a carrier bag (as all right thinking men do) and put it on the floor while I went back inside, came out and drove the car over it.

The Palm was 5 years old and the Nokia 3 years old, both now well outdated, and both having being replaced by better products, but both brought out of retirement from the "sell on eBay list".

Its strange how some things just work and work well, no matter what the faults they come with, a bit like teletext whos digital rework is much better in all respects except one thing usability.

The Palm was great at note taking, reminders, lists and the clutter you usually have in office boxes in the loft, The Nokia was wifi, around the house, in the office and in the Gym, even at McDonalds in the car, it never failed to pick up the signal and would let you browse for hours without too much trouble. I bought a Apple iTouch to replace it, that sits on a desk waiting for something to do.

The Palm and the Nokia are both ZEN products, more than they are, somethings in life just feel very right. But when choosing stuff we tend to pick form over function, beauty always grabs us first.

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