Saturday, 3 October 2009

There is a Storm Coming

Its a bit windy up here in the peak today, on the wind coming in from the west in the distinct smell of rotting democracy, faint but getting more stronger as the day goes on.

The first major storm of the season, but I think this season holds the prospect of many strorms ahead, maybe by next May we will have a clearer view on how things will pan out ?

What we need to do is plant more trees, creating a wind break, it will make us feel a bit more isolated, but we will have insulated ourselves from the coming empire of storms.

*and another thing, if you are an Irish person viewing this blog. In a few decades when you realised you have been shafted, and your assurances have been diluted and fudged with the blank cheque you have given today, and your sovereignty and democracy are just a veil of illusion, and you decide to take things into your own hands more forcibly, Us the British are not to blame.

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