Thursday, 1 October 2009

Some Folks Have Some Serious Explaining To Do.

This is important, I try not to take sides in the Global Warming debate, I kind of like the idea that moving away from oil will stop us sending trillions of petrol dollars to people who hate us, that's roughly as far as I get.

I have no doubt the earth is warming up, we are in an inter glacial so no surprise there, I would also be surprised if mankind did not have an impact on the environment, how much is very debatable.

But I have to admit even with my limited knowledge of the debate, I am very underwhelmed by the evidence supporting catastrophic temperature rises and the general doom mongering.

Humans are No1 on the planet becasue we adapted and whatever the future holds our continued survival will involve adaptation.

As for carbon trading, that looks to me like a Ponzi scheme, and computer models...thats where the bankers distorted view of risk came from, and we all know how that panned out.

The central question is and has always been, is the current warming more or less than the medieval warming period?

Another question related to the present, is why over this decade has Temperatures been pretty much static against the background off the vast upsurge in world economic activity over the past ten years and the resulting carbon burning mainly from China.

Steve Mcintyre takes a lot of heat and hate from the doomsters camp, but his central point is not that MMGW is not happening, but there is not enough reliable data to say either way, which in myview is not an unreasonable postion to hold.

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