Sunday, 18 October 2009

Seeing the Future

I spent a quite Sunny Saturday slobbing in front of the TV getting a spanking from my Son on the PlayStation, and it crossed my mind more than once that some people can see the future, time and time again he would anticipate things with such accuracy that you are left feeling cold (and this is on a game neither of us have played before)

A stat that always plays on my mind, and is widely discussed in aviation circles is the fact that since WW1 4% of pilots have made 40% of all kills in warfare. This stat to me is one of the biggest mysterious in the modern world, nothing really explains it, as someone who has served in the RAF working with fighter pilots, I can confidently say I am convinced training does not explain this stat, you would always expect the best of the best to emerge in any walk of life but 4% making 40% of the kills is something else.

BBCs Horizon try to explain it.

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