Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A NHS Holiday

Well after 10 days of sitting by my wife's bedside in a NHS hospital in another part of the country I have come to a few conclusions.

1, When entering a hospital take a notepad and pen, write down carefully what the doctors say and who said it, and make sure they understand that you understand what is being said to you.

2, Dont blame the nurses, they are the ones in the front line covering for the doctors. The doctors are working to a systems devised by the managers (who greatly outnumber them)

3, Make sure you complain if you have reason too. When the state has a near monopoly on health care you have a moral obligation to register a complaint, you cannot up sticks and go to the next taxi on the rank.

4, I and my wife have been treated in different health systems while living in different parts of the world, the gulf, the US, Germany, Australia and even India, where we had a emergency in the middle of nowhere and I can say all the above were more responsive systems than the NHS.

5, Of course many people have lots of good experiences in our hospitals, but its not the point. Be you the first in the queue or the last, you have a right to expect a reasonable level of medical care.

6, The NHS is a blackhole and you should be brave enough to vote for something else.
The majority of medical staff in the NHS are dedicated professionals including my wife, and they will be still dedicated professionals in another health system.

7, If you can afford it get private medical insurance.

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