Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Undertaker Calls

Looks like I am a candidate for the media star that is the Porkie Sniffles. I will know for sure tomorrow.

I woke up this morning at 3am with a raging fever, yesterday I had a real stiff headache and the day before that I had problems with my waste disposal system (dont take this as some sort of diagnosis, these things tend to be different in different people)

Not sure as where I got it from, last Wednesday I was on a plane, last Thursday I was at the hospital getting my recently broken hand checked out, Friday and Sunday I was at the Gym, so take your pick. Plus my wife is a nurse.

Right now after a good sleep I feel like I have a real heavy cold, so hopefully I am over the worst. I am not someone that gets cold or flu easily, I am not Nesh as they say around here, as the Doc pointed out this morning I have not had flu or needed any anti-biotic for 11 years. I am also without blowing my own trumpet too much very fit, I do around 3 to 4k calorie burn in the gym or in the pool every week, thats around 3 hours at 160 bpm, so If it gets me at this time of year then its very much on the toxic scale, so concurs the Doctor.

So apparently its one week looking out of the bedroom window and annoying folks on the interweb as well as taking calls from "friends and family" dropping hints about what they would like me to leave them after my demise.

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