Saturday, 25 July 2009

Still Alive

"I feel like I have a real heavy cold, so hopefully I am over the worst."

Goodness me could I be so wrong, Thursday was a day fron hell, Firstly the swab was positive (the only sufferer in the village and the first) then a steam roller arrived late morning and ran over my chest for about 24 hours. Honestly Ive had malaria and Salmonella and this bugger is up there with it.

Any Tips? you ask...Firstly get kids, pregnant women and the old ones out of the house and keep them away. Get your partner out of the bed and into the spare room. Get your self the flu bucket set up in the bathroom (sponge and dettol) to wipe down after your excreations.

The thing that kept my Temperature down and out of hospital I belive was a few ice packs around my chest, especially the new style thin ones. Ice is something that has magical medical effects, and should be used much more in medicine.

Oh yes, Powerade, the drink of the gods. Good luck, It knocked 5 kilos out of me in three days. keep washing those hands.

Back to bed for the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty hellish, hope you pull through okay. And i hope i don't get it.