Friday, 17 July 2009

Me and Neil Armstrong.

I was 3 years 10 months when the Eagle landed and Buzz jumped out set the camera up and filmed Neil taking the first step by a human on a heavenly body.

I remember my Gran getting me up in the night to watch it, although at the time it did not register too much as to what significant was going on, but I am sure glad she did.

I went back to my room got out my toy binoculars and had a look if I could see them, Ive always been a skeptic. The day after cowboys and Indians was abandoned, and the Wigwam became the lunar lander, and me and my friends walked around very slowly with buckets on our heads, a few missions later we upgraded to space hoppers.

Since then Ive been to the cape, done the tour and watched the shuttle Endeavor take off, and still I wait the call from NASA to book my place on the program.

We probably went to the moon for the wrong reasons and the wrong time (it was not till the last mission that they thought to take along a geologist with them) One and Half Trillion in today's money is a lot of wonga, its bank bailout territory.

The Moon mission and the Vietnam war as well as "great Society" social engineering ideology were buckling the US economy, in 1972 the Bretton Woods system ended, America needed cheap money to pay the bills, and a few bricks in current financial and economic problems were laid.

But I am glad they did it, and glad I saw it in my lifetime, its a tremendous achievement and the spin offs have been substantial. Armstrong's words will last as long as we walk the earth, looking back at earth has profoundly changed our view of ourselves for in large part the better.

There is no reason to climb mountains, we just do because we are human, and becasue they are there. In off itself its a very good thing we do.

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Gaw said...

Lovely story. Despite being almost the same age as you, the moon landings have never made a great impression on me. I can easily understand why they should, though. Funny what triggers the imagination isn't it?