Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The World In Its Hands

Great article on China in today's Times.

A lot to agree with and disagree with, but the underlying theme that China is going to have a big baring on the future for good and ill, is pretty well beyond doubt.

My big fear is the universal bug bear of "race", China teaches its children that they are descendants on the homoerectus branch of humanity, as opposed to what is known from the genetic record of us all being from the homosapien branch.

When things turn ugly and difficult, race is usually behind it. On the plus side they have Atheistic religion of Buddhism which hopefully will anchor them to a more universal reality.

Anybody who thinks Socrates is the greatest of the Greek philosophers might be in for a pleasant surprise, they don't call Socrates the Buddha of the West for nothing.

The circle sure does turn.

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