Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Iran 'would like nuclear option'

I am sure it would

"It is my gut feeling that Iran would like to have the technology to enable it to have nuclear weapons," Mr ElBaradei, director general of the IAEA said.

No shit Sherlock! and the logic behind this according to Mr UN Inspector?

"He said North Korea, with a bomb, was invited to the conference table, while Saddam Hussein's Iraq, without one, was - as he put it - pulverised. He called for engagement with Iran to remove the incentive for making a bomb. "

Or in UN speak do whatever it takes to get a short term solution.

Ive got a much better idea, its always a good idea to speak plainly to irrational people with guns pointed at their populations head.

Point One, You having nuclear weapons will cause a arms race in the Middle East, with both Egypt and Saudi having to match your arsenal, this is not in our interests, its not in the middle east interests, and not in the worlds interest.

Point Two, Failure to handover all nuclear material with 30 days will result in us (the West) being at war with you.

Will this happen? not a shits chance, Europe believes that rational argument always wins in the end, and will hide behind America come what may, China and Russia although probably agreeing with point one, will use the whole episode to stir anti-american feeling to bolster their own corrupt power bases, This Iranian regime is not too different from us they will calculate.

It will come down to Obama and America. Does Obama when the hand of friendship closes have the balls to change it to a fist? Is America self confident enough to face down the Shia fundamentalists and back it up with force?

I fear the answer to both is no. So pray for the brave Iranians on the streets of Tehran and other cities in Iran, they are our last best hope for peace, they I fear are all we have between us and a return to the middle ages.

*Might be worth viewing this again.

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