Friday, 15 May 2009

Super Rats Getting More Super

Evolution in all its "glory"

My personal guess is that when we burn ourselves out, one way or another, it will be the Super "rats" versus the Super "Crows" I know this because I have first hand knowledge of evolution in the Crow community.

Magpies (which are crows btw) have decided that the coconut lining in my hanging baskets is perfect nesting material. I caught one at it and within an hour I have six different Magpies up to the same trick. I had to take my baskets inside and I gave them some older used coconut lining from the compost bin. Mighty clever with a capital "S".


Gaw said...

Try sprinkling some chili flakes on it. It works with those bastard squirrels.

Sean said...

Its only a question of time before they get a taste for chili, but ill give it a go.