Sunday, 17 May 2009

Guns and Ammo

Off on a little business trip, here is a few snaps from my last visit to South Africa. Back Soon.

Me! Sorry, my work is a little sensitive, so not too much me., But the AK47 is one of my all time favorites, the peoples gun.

Dirty Harry

Come the revolution Brother.

Armour Plated, bomb blast walls. Build your own Panic Room, they sell well in SA.

Muskets..Old School, I am a crack shot so don't challenge me to a duel.


elberry said...

i've always wanted to try an AK47. i hear that on single shot at least they are very accurate - it's just that people always put them on full auto so the recoil sends bullets all over the shop.

elberry said...

One of my friends went through selection with the TAs every weekend for a couple of months - dropped out after getting frostbite on the Brecon Beacons in a blizzard, that and having to go back to the office every Monday did him in. However, he met a chap he said was Sean Bean's doppleganger, who he referred to simply as "Sean Bean" - this is probably you.

Sean said...

Yep thats right, I suppose its the safety in numbers thing. too much Playstation I should guess.

A friend of mine who runs a South African security firm turned up in the middle of the night to a shopping centre and was confronted with 4 guys with AK47s, they put a guy as decoy to draw fire and picked the 4 off with 5 shots from another AK47 while they where giving it ten barrels in the wrong direction, which with the noise they were producing blinded them to where they were really being shot from.

Like any weapon its knowing how to use it.

As for the Brecon beacons, ive been a few times but only really to observe some training techniques by some blokes from Hereford.

I am more into the Engineering/demolition type of field.