Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Ive always thought this to be by favorite poem, it was even on my wedding stationary.
Its by a Sufi Mystic called Rumi. He is pretty much a Persian Shakespeare and is widely read and revered thought out Iran. I recommend this for a present for your loved one.

As the essence that is mine to the all pervading sea,
Turneth, all my atoms shine in sublime resplendency.
On the road of Love, behold! like a candle I do blaze,
That one moment may enfold all the moments of my days.

from the Persian

Ân-vaqt ke bahr-é kôll shavad zât marâ,
rûshan ghardad jamâl-é zarrât marâ.
z-ân mî-sûzam chô sham'a tâ dar rah-é éshq,
yek vaqt shavad jômleh-é awqât marâ.


Ân-vaqt = at the time
bahr = sea
shavad = became, happened
zât = essence
marâ = mine
rûshan ghardad = will be shined, will be enlightened
jamâl = charm, beauty
zarrât = atoms (plural form), zarreh (singular form).
mî-sûzam = I do blaze
sham'a = candle
éshq = love
yek vaqt = one moment
awqât = moments (plural form) for vaqt

This I think would be the literal translation.

As the essence of all that is mine
Turns oceanward, it starts to shine
My elements blaze
With candle-like rays
To capture this state for all time

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