Saturday, 11 April 2009

Guido Versus Dolly

It looks like its all out war between Guido and Mandys Dolly Boy, should be fun, I hope Paul stuffs the crap out of the New Labour Lie machine, they are a menace to the public whichever way they vote or don't.

I suspect the Westminster Village will huff and puff and move on quickly, they dont want change in the way they do business, they want stories, and that involves being part of the Village and playing to the rules.

Good on you Paul, not just a breath of fresh air but now he and bloggers seem to be making a difference bit by bit, but I don't think they will give up their privileges without a fight.

Oh and it seems if true Dolly is a jumped up Liar, but then we knew that already.

UPDATE, Absolutely Nailed him!! A watershed moment in the history of British political blogs.

Imagine for one minuter Blair losing Campbell, this is the equivalent. I dont know how Guido pulled this rabbit out of the bag? well done, you are a genius.

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