Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Camping Times

It seems Caravan sales are on the up, as too UK home holidays in general. I dont think it just the credit crunch.

Caravan and Camping club membership has been ballooning for many years, I think one of the main reasons is the British tourist industry getting its act together, even the worst sites now are off a reasonable quality enough not to have too many complaints. Add to that attractions and events up and down the country, which are much more professionally run. Tourism in general is now regarded as a important industry and has a kudos it did not have before.

Also Camping tech is really marched on, even the cheapest tents can stand anything down to 5 degrees and you wont feel it much, this is not the wet soggy canvas era of your trips with the scouts as a kid. Kids too are growing up from camping at festival 2 or 3 times a year to being much more comfortable with camping in general as they grow older.

And praise too to the BBC (my gripes btw are with BBC news not the BBC in general) programs such as Coast have brought a higher profile to the UK as exemplified by the excellent Countryfile being moved to prime time TV.

My Indian friends think exotic is cool air and misty rain, we think its heat and beaches, I suppose we always desire the thing we don't have?

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