Monday, 30 March 2009


Blockbuster have a good offer on, 4 vids for 4 nights for a tenner...lets hope they are not going under.

This Weekend I brought myself upto date with.

1. Changeling. Clint is pure genius, Angie is good too, but they failed to mask her tattoos early on in the movie.

2, The Duchess. Got this for the Wife, but I watched it too, and its very good. Ive being going to Chatsworth all my life and knew a little about her story, but even today this would be just as scandalous, if not more so. Fun spotting the rooms in Chatsworth that was used for filming. Very authentic.

3, Body of Lies. Ridley Scott war on terror flick, and he does not tiptoe around Muslim or our prejudices, not his best but thoughtful.

4, Pride and Glory, corruption and conflict in the NYPD and the same family, could have been a classic, could not stop thinking about The Wire.

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