Thursday, 26 February 2009

TV review: Iran and the West

Finally got around to viewing this, from the same tent as "The Death of Yugoslavia" which was pretty good as I remember.

I cannot say that I was impressed with this, it comes across as sliced and diced and moves too quickly your mind does not have time to focus in on the obvious questions you think about as the narrative explodes rather than evolves.

I am sure it hits the right note with the Liberal intelligentsia, Iran not that bad, missed opportunities and misunderstanding, Cheney scuppering the righteous path to peace ect.

But the one thing that it cannot get away from, which it only reports but does not explain is right at the end, when a deal is on the table and all obstacles have been removed, the Iranians walk away. Why?

Well thats pretty simple, but not really dealt with in the Documentary, the simple fact is we are not dealing with the 99.9% of Iranians who wish for a normalised relationship with the world, we are dealing with the elite of the elite, the Mullahs who guard the Islamist core at the seat of power, who want Nuclear weapons not only to threaten and protect themselves against outside forces, but to do the same to their own people by bolstering the kudos that comes with playing with the big boys toys.

No amount of diplomacy can deal with that I am afraid, it seems watching, things seem to only get done with Iran when you have them in a corner and tell them the facts of life , like the consequencese for attacking coalition forces in Iraq.

I think there will at some stage be some sort of limited warfare against Iran, maybe a combination of a shoot and scoot operation backed up with a blockade.

The idea of these people with their past CV and ideology having Nuclear arms does not bare thinking about.

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